Molecular and cellular biochemistry

Intracellular angiotensin (1-7) increases the inward calcium current in cardiomyocytes. On the role of PKA activation.

PMID 25981535


The influence of intracellular administration of angiotensin (1-7) (Ang 1-7) on the inward calcium current was investigated in myocytes isolated from the left ventricle of Wistar Kyoto rat hearts using the patch-clamp technique. The results indicated: (1) the intracellular administration of Ang (1-7) (100xa0nM) enhanced the peak inward calcium current (I Ca); (2) the intracellular administration of A779 (100xa0nM) which a Mas receptor inhibitor, abolished the effect of Ang (1-7) on the calcium current; (3) the activation of PKA and consequent phosphorylation of calcium channels seems to be the mechanism involved in the increment of calcium current induced by the heptapeptide because the intracellular dialysis of the PKA inhibitor suppressed the effect of the heptapeptide; (4) the effect of Ang (1-7) was not related to its secretion into the extracellular space; (5)intracellular dialysis of Ang II (100xa0nM) has an opposite effect and reduced the peak I Ca; (6) extracellular administration of Ang II (100xa0nM) to cells previously dialyzed with Ang (1-7) also reduced the peak I Ca previously enhanced by Ang (1-7); and (7) intracellular Ang (1-7) reduced the heart cell volume. Implications for heart contractility were discussed.