Environmental toxicology and pharmacology

Therapeutic efficacy of biochanin A against arsenic-induced renal and cardiac damage in rats.

PMID 25997126


The present study was investigated the effects of biochanin A (BCA) on arsenic toxicity in rats. For this purpose, rats were orally treated with arsenic in the form of sodium meta-arsenite alone (10mg/kg body weight (bw)/day) and co-administered selenium (10mg/kgbw/day) and BCA at different doses (10, 20 and 40mg/kgbw/day) for 6 weeks. Arsenic altered the oxidative stress indices in both renal and cardiac tissues. There was an increase in plasma renal markers, triglyceride, lipoproteins with no alterations in cholesterol levels were noted in arsenic-intoxicated rats. Non-significant changes of phospholipids and free fatty acids levels in the tissues of arsenic-exposed rats. The biochemical disturbances were well correlated with the histological findings in the kidney, but not in the heart. The administration of BCA and selenium significantly reversed the alterations in the above-mentioned parameters in arsenic-intoxicated rats. Our findings revealed the beneficial effects of BCA against arsenic toxicity.