Photochemical & photobiological sciences : Official journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology

Folic acid-conjugated TiO2-doped mesoporous carbonaceous nanocomposites loaded with Mitoxantrone HCl for chemo-photodynamic therapy.

PMID 25997891


Recently, porous carbons have showed great potential in many areas. In this study, TiO2-doped mesoporous carbonaceous (TiO2@C) nanoparticles were obtained by a simple one-pot hydrothermal treatment, folic acid (FA) was conjugated to TiO2@C through an amide bond, then Mitoxantrone HCl (MTX) was adsorbed onto TiO2@C-FA and a drug delivery system, TiO2@C-FA/MTX was obtained. TiO2@C-FA/MTX showed a much faster MTX release at pH 4.5 than at pH 6.0 and pH 7.4. Furthermore, compared with free MTX, this drug delivery system showed a dose-dependent cytotoxicity by varying the irradiance, and afforded higher antitumor efficacy in cultured PC3 cells in vitro. The ability of TiO2@C-FA/MTX to combine chemotherapy with photodynamic activity enhanced the cancer cell killing effect in vitro, demonstrating that TiO2@C-FA/MTX has a great potential for cancer therapy in the future.