Diabetes research and clinical practice

Cardiovascular autonomic tone relation to metabolic parameters and hsCRP in normoglycemia and prediabetes.

PMID 26036955


The aim of the study was to evaluate cardiovascular autonomic function (CAF) at different stages of obesity and in the presence of metabolic syndrome (MetS), and its association with metabolic parameters and hsCRP in subjects with normal glucose tolerance (NGT) and prediabetes. A total of 259 subjects (mean age 47.1 ± 14.6 years, mean BMI 31.4 ± 8.1 kg/m(2)), divided in 2 groups: NGT and prediabetes, and subdivided according to glucose tolerance, BMI and MetS, were enrolled. Anthropometric indices, glucose tolerance, blood pressure, serum lipids and hsCRP were measured. Body composition was estimated by impedance analysis. CAF was assessed by ANX-3.0 method. Sympathetic and parasympathetic activity were decreased in severe obesity and MetS as compared to controls in NGT. Negative correlation was observed between sympathetic and parasympathetic tone and BMI, waist circumference, total body fat, visceral fat area (VFA), blood pressure, total and LDL cholesterol, and hsCRP in NGT; and VFA, HbA1c and glycemia in prediabetes. Obesity and MetS seem to be associated with CAF deterioration, and metabolic parameters and hsCRP correlate with CAF and probably increase cardiovascular risk in NGT, whilst VFA, HbA1c and glycemia significantly influence CAF alterations in prediabetes.