Analytica chimica acta

Quantitative analysis of poly- and perfluoroalkyl compounds in water matrices using high resolution mass spectrometry: optimization for a laser diode thermal desorption method.

PMID 26041525


An alternative analysis technique for the quantitation of 15 poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in water matrices is reported. Analysis time between each sample was reduced to less than 20s, all target molecules being analyzed in a single run with the use of laser diode thermal desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (LDTD/APCI) coupled with high resolution accurate mass (HRMS) orbitrap mass spectrometry. LDTD optimal settings were investigated using either one-factor-at-a-time or experimental design methodologies, while orbitrap parameters were optimized simultaneously by means of a Box-Behnken design. Following selection of an adequate sample concentration and purification procedure based on solid-phase extraction and graphite clean-up, the method was validated in an influent wastewater matrix. Environmentally significant limits of detection were reported (0.3-4ngL(-1) in wastewater and 0.03-0.2ngL(-1) in surface water) and out of the 15 target analytes, 11 showed excellent accuracies (±20% of the target values) and recovery rates (75-125%). The method was successfully applied to a selection of environmental samples, including wastewater samples in 7 locations across Canada, as well as surface and tap water samples from the Montreal region, providing insights into the degree of PFAS contamination in this area.