Journal of ovarian research

Comparative analysis of Rb1, P16 and ER as diagnostic, prognostic and potential targets for therapeutic agents in ovarian epithelial tumors: an immunohistochemical study of 130 ovarian carcinomas.

PMID 26043844


Deregulation of CDK4/6, cyclin D/P16 and retinoblastoma (Rb) are known aberrations in certain malignancies. There has been a recent interest in exploring the combination of letrozole and CDK4/6 inhibitors in recurrent ER+ ovarian cancers. This study aimed to determine the frequency of expression of Rb1, P16 and ER in ovarian epithelial tumors by immunohistochemistry. Co-expression of all 3 markers studied was seen in 10% of high grade serous carcinoma (HGSC) and low grade serous carcinoma (LGSC). Coordinate expression of Rb1+ and ER+ in HGSC and LGSC was seen in 67% of grade 1/2 vs. 44 % of grade three tumors (p < 0.05). The reverse was true with positive P16 staining in 73% of grade three vs. 32% of grade 1/2 tumors (p < 0.001). Coordinate pattern of Rb1+ and ER+ in HGSC and LGSC is 19 and 50%, respectively. Rb1 and P16 show inverse expression pattern according to tumor grade with more frequent Rb1 in low grade vs. more frequent P16 in grade 3 tumors. These data provide a rational basis for clinical trials that aim to target these proteins.