Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Compatibility and stability of polygeline (Haemaccel) with different drug products.

PMID 26045385


Compatibility and stability of the polygeline-based blood plasma expander/plasma substitute Haemaccel with different drug products i.e., Profenid, Stemetil, and Lasix were examined in the context of its potential use in surgical, spinal, septic shock and in circulatory insufficiency, because treatment, safety, acceptability and efficacy of drug product may be affected by drug instability or incompatibility. Therefore, drug stability and compatibility are critical elements in accurate and appropriate delivery of drug therapy to patients. This study was initiated to specifically and critically assess the compatibility of Haemaccel with different drug products with the aim of delivering safe, suitable, acceptable and efficacious administration of two different drug products simultaneously in emergency conditions. All of these different brands of drug products were physically and chemically compatible with Haemaccel and all of the test results were almost similar before and after mixing different drugs in Haemaccel. This study revealed that Lasix, Profenid and Stemetil can be administered/co-administered with Haemaccel safely. Different drug product must be studies in detail before it's co-administration with Haemaccel.