Analytical chemistry

Activated Ion Electron Transfer Dissociation for Improved Fragmentation of Intact Proteins.

PMID 26067513


Here we report the first implementation of activated ion electron transfer dissociation (AI-ETD) for top down protein characterization, showing that AI-ETD definitively extends the m/z range over which ETD can be effective for fragmentation of intact proteins. AI-ETD, which leverages infrared photon bombardment concurrent to the ETD reaction to mitigate nondissociative electron transfer, was performed using a novel multipurpose dissociation cell that can perform both beam-type collisional dissociation and ion-ion reactions on an ion trap-Orbitrap hybrid mass spectrometer. AI-ETD increased the number of c- and z-type product ions for all charge states over ETD alone, boosting product ion yield by nearly 4-fold for low charge density precursors. AI-ETD also outperformed HCD, generating more matching fragments for all proteins at all charge states investigated. In addition to generating more unique fragment ions, AI-ETD provided greater protein sequence coverage compared to both HCD and ETD. In all, the effectiveness of AI-ETD across the entirety of the m/z spectrum demonstrates its efficacy for robust fragmentation of intact proteins.