Environmental toxicology and pharmacology

Enhanced expression of sodium hydrogen exchanger (NHE)-1, 2 and 4 in the uteri of rat model for post-menopause under phytoestrogen genistein influence.

PMID 26068551


Maintaining near normal uterine fluid pH is important for restoring uterine function after menopause. We hypothesized that genistein could restore uterine fluid pH via its effect on NHE expression. This study therefore investigated changes in uterine NHE-1, 2 and 4 expression under genistein influence. Ovariectomized female rats received genistein (25, 50 or 100mg/kg/day) for seven consecutive days. Uteri were harvested and NHE-1, 2 and 4 mRNA expression were analyzed by Real-time PCR while distribution of these transporters' protein was observed by immunohistochemistry. Expression of NHE-1, 2 and 4 mRNA increased with increasing doses of genistein which was antagonized by ICI 182780. Under genistein influence, NHE-1, 2 and 4 proteins were found to be distributed at apical membrane of endometrial luminal epithelia. Enhanced expression of NHE-1, 2 and 4 in ovariectomised rat uteri by genistein might help to restore pH of uterine fluid which could be useful for women after menopause.