Microbiological research

Rahnella sp. strain EK12: Cell surface properties and diesel oil biodegradation after long-term contact with natural surfactants and diesel oil.

PMID 26070691


The changes in cell surface properties of Rahnella sp. strain EK12 and modifications in genetic material after long-term contact with saponins and rhamnolipids, were investigated. Rhamnolipids caused a decrease of hydrophobicity in liquid cultures compared with saponins. On the other hand, in cultures with rhamnolipids, the addition of diesel oil results in a rapid rise of cell surface hydrophobicity. The similar effect was not so significant in the presence of saponins. For the bacteria grown in the presence of saponins or rhamnolipids, but without diesel oil, the ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids decreased, in comparison to the control culture. The differences observed in hydrophobicity, zeta potential and fatty acids profiles, indicated various mechanisms of an interaction between a surfactant and a bacterial cells. The results have also shown an impact of the long-term contact on changes in genetic material of Rahnella sp. strain EK12 cells. Moreover, the presence of saponins led to significant increase of diesel oil biodegradation.