Journal of proteomics

Human salivary proteome--a resource of potential biomarkers for oral cancer.

PMID 26073025


Proteins present in human saliva offer an immense potential for clinical applications. However, exploring salivary proteome is technically challenged due to the presence of amylase and albumin in high abundance. In this study, we used four workflows to analyze human saliva from healthy individuals which involved depletion of abundant proteins using affinity-based separation methods followed by protein or peptide fractionation and high resolution mass spectrometry analysis. We identified a total of 1256 human salivary proteins, 292 of them being reported for the first time. All identifications were verified for any shared proteins/peptides from the salivary microbiome that may conflict with the human protein identifications. On integration of our results with the analyses reported earlier, we arrived at an updated human salivary proteome containing 3449 proteins, 808 of them have been reported as differentially expressed proteins in oral cancer tissues. The secretory nature of 598 of the 808 proteins has also been supported on the basis of the presence of signal sequence, transmembrane domain or association with exosomes. From this subset, we provide a priority list of 139 proteins along with their proteotypic peptides, which may serve as a reference for targeted investigations as secretory markers for clinical applications in oral malignancies. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Proteomics in India.