Analytica chimica acta

Direct electrolytic exfoliation of graphite with hemin and single-walled carbon nanotube: Creating functional hybrid nanomaterial for hydrogen peroxide detection.

PMID 26073807


We present a new, facile and efficient method to prepare functional graphene (GN) hybrid nanomaterials using direct electrolytic exfoliation of graphite robs in hemin (HN) and single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) solution. During the exfoliation process, HN and SWCNT were simultaneously adsorbed on the surface of GN nanosheets through noncovalent π-π interaction, and then 3D GN-HN-SWCNT hybrid nanomaterials were formed. Due to the synergic effect among GN, HN, and SWCNT, these hybrid nanomaterials possessed excellent electrocatalysis properties and were used to construct novel electrochemical biosensor for H2O2 determination. The results displayed a wide linear range of 0.2 μM-0.4 mM and a low detection limit of 0.05 μM. Moreover, the developed sensor was successfully applied for real samples, such as beverages, and showed great promise in routine sensing applications.