Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

Expanding the Scope of 2'-SCF3 Modified RNA.

PMID 26074479


The 2'-trifluoromethylthio (2'-SCF3 ) modification endows ribonucleic acids with exceptional properties and has attracted considerable interest as a reporter group for NMR spectroscopic applications. However, only modified pyrimidine nucleosides have been generated so far. Here, the syntheses of 2'-SCF3 adenosine and guanosine phosphoramidites of which the latter was obtained in highly efficient manner by an unconventional Boc-protecting group strategy, are reported. RNA solid-phase synthesis provided site-specifically 2'-SCF3 -modified oligoribonucleotides that were investigated intensively. Their excellent behavior in (19) F NMR spectroscopic probing of RNA ligand binding was exemplified for a noncovalent small molecule-RNA interaction. Moreover, comparably to the 2'-SCF3 pyrimidine nucleosides, the purine counterparts were also found to cause a significant thermodynamic destabilization when located in double helical regions. This property was considered beneficial for siRNA design under the aspect to minimize off-target effects and their performance in silencing of the BASP1 gene was demonstrated.