PloS one

Identification and Characterization of Xlr5c as a Novel Nuclear Localization Protein in Mouse Germ Cells.

PMID 26075718


Spermatogenesis is the complex process by which diploid stem cells generate haploid germ cells in gamete production. Members of the Xlr (X-chromosome linked, lymphocyte regulated) superfamily play essential roles in spermatogenesis. The expression, localization and role in spermatogenesis of one such member, Xlr5c, has not been reported previously. Xlr5c mRNA and protein levels in murine testes and other tissues were investigated using RT-PCR and Western blotting. Xlr5c was abundantly transcribed in mouse testes, particularly during the early stages of spermatogenesis and throughout prophase I in the nuclei of spermatocytes. Xlr5c was specifically localized at synaptonemal complexes(SCs) region in preleptotene and pachytene spermatocytes, as was the homologous Xlr protein Sycp3. These results suggest that Xlr5c was abundantly transcribed in germ cells, localized at SCs region, where it may play a potential role during the early stages of spermatogenesis. Identification and characterization of this novel testis protein may offer a new perspective for understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in germ cell differentiation.