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Differentiation of Glioma Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells into Local Host Cell-Like Cells: A Study Based on Choroidcarcinoma Differentiation of Choroid Plexus of GFP Transgenic Nude Mouse.

PMID 26083952


The idea of multiple differentiation capacity of glioma stem cells and progentior cells (GSCPs) has been accepted by most of the researchers, but the effect of local environment on the differentiation of GSCPs is unclear. GSCPs SU2 and CM-Dil-stained C6 cells (C6-Dil) were injected into the brain of GFP transgenic nude mice. The xenografts were sectioned. Morphological changes of tumor cells that resided in the choroid plexus, molecular markers expression, and the relationship between the original tumor cells and host cells were studied carefully. The tumorigenicity rate was 40/40 (100%) in all of the inoculated nude mice. Cell morphology and molecular expression of neoplasm settled in the choroid plexus showed that choroidcarcinoma derived from GSCPs was developed. These results showed that GSCPs may have the multiple differentiation capacity, which can be induced by the local environment of host brain as NSCs, and cell fusion may play an important role in the transformation.