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Bioenhanced sublingual tablet of drug with limited permeability using novel surfactant binder and microencapsulated polysorbate: In vitro/in vivo evaluation.

PMID 26086847


Formulation of sublingual tablets of drugs with limited permeability poses a great challenge due to their poor absorption. In this study, bioenhanced sublingual tablets (BESTs) of zolmitriptan were prepared using novel surfactant binder (Pluronic® p123/Syloid® mixture) to enhance tablet disintegration and dissolution. Microencapsulated polysorbate 80 (Sepitrap™ 80) were included in the composition of BESTs to enhance the drug transport through the sublingual mucosa. Tablets were evaluated for in vitro/in vivo disintegration, in vitro dissolution and ex vivo permeation. Solubility studies confirmed that phosphate buffer; pH 6.8 could be used as dissolution medium for sublingual tablets of zolmitriptan. BEST-5 containing Pluronic® p123/Syloid® mixture and Sepitrap™ 80 exhibited the shortest in vitro/in vivo disintegration times (<30s), the highest dissolution at early time dissolution points and the highest enhancement of drug transport through mucosal membrane. The in vivo pharmacokinetic study using human volunteers showed a significant increase in the rate and extent of sublingual absorption with less variations of Tmax after sublingual administration of both BEST-5 and Zomig-ZMT ODT. Our results proposed that Pluronic® p123/Syloid® mixture and Sepitrap™ 80 could be promising for the development of sublingual tablets for rapid onset of action of drugs with limited permeability.

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