Chemistry, an Asian journal

Selective Growth and Structural Analysis of Regular MnO Nanooctapods Bearing Multiple High-Index Surface Facets.

PMID 26096978


Although numerous morphologies of MnO nanostructures have been reported, an exact structural analysis and mechanistic study has been lacking. In the present study, the formation of regular MnO octapods was demonstrated in a simple procedure, comprising the thermal decomposition of manganese oleate. Because of their structural uniformity, an ideal three-dimensional model was successfully constructed. The eight arms protruded from the cubic center with tip angles of 38° and surface facets of {311} and {533} with rounded edges. The concentrations of oleate and chloride ions were the determining factors for the octapod formation. Selective coordination of the oleate ions to the {100} faces led to edge growth along the <111> direction, which was then limited by the chloride ions bound to the high-index surface facets. These structural and mechanistic analyses should be helpful for understanding the complex nanostructures and for tuning their structure-related properties.