PloS one

Identification of miR-26a as a target gene of bile acid receptor GPBAR-1/TGR5.

PMID 26107166


GPBAR1/TGR5 is a G protein-coupled receptor of bile acids. TGR5 is known to regulate the BA homeostasis and energy metabolism. Recent studies highlight an important role of TGR5 in alleviating obesity and improving glucose regulation, however, the mechanism of which is still unclear. Here we report that TGR5 is involved in mediating the anti-obesity and anti-hyperglycemia effect of a natural compound, oleanolic acid. By comparing the miRNA profiles between wild type and TGR5-/- livers after OA treatment, we identified miR-26a as a novel downstream target gene of TGR5 activation. The expression of miR-26a in the liver was induced in a TGR5-dependent manner after feeding the mice with a bile acid diet. TGR5 activation strongly increased the expression of miR-26a in macrophages, including the Kupffer cells in the liver. We further demonstrated that JNK pathway was required for miR-26a induction by TGR5 activation. Interestingly, we located the TGR5-responsive DNA element to a proximal region of miR-26's promoter, which was independent of the transcription of its host genes. These results unravel a new mechanism by which bile acid receptor TGR5 activates a miRNA gene expression.