OncoTargets and therapy

CpG oligodeoxyribonucleotide 7909 enhances radiosensitivity via downregulating Oct-4 expression in radioresistant lung cancer cells.

PMID 26109868


Radiotherapy is a powerful cure for local advanced non-small cell lung cancer. However, radioresistance and tumor relapse still occur in a high proportion of patients. Octamer-4 (Oct-4), a transcription factor of the POU family, plays a key role in maintaining chemoradioresistant properties and regulating cancer progression. In this study, we demonstrated that Oct-4 expression was significantly increased in radioresistant H460 (H460R) cell line. CpG oligodeoxyribonucleotide (CpG-ODN) 7909 sensitized H460R cells when combined with irradiation treatment. The clonogenic capacity was significantly decreased, and the values of D0 and Dq were lower than those of irradiation alone group. The sensitive enhancement ratio (SER) of D0 was 1.224. This combined treatment led to a dramatic reduction in Oct-4 expression in a dose-dependent manner and also showed increased percentage of cells in the radiosensitive G2/M phase relative to either treatment alone. These results identified that Oct-4 was involved in radioresistance. CpG-ODN 7909 could enhance radiosensitivity partly through downregulating Oct-4 expression in radioresistant lung cancer cells.