Efficacy and immunogenicity of recombinant swinepox virus expressing the A epitope of the TGEV S protein.

PMID 26116254


To explore the possibility of developing a vaccine against transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) infection, a recombinant swinepox virus (rSPV-SA) expressing a TGEV protective antigen has been constructed. Immune responses and protection efficacy of the vaccination vector were assessed in both mice and pig models. An indirect ELISA assay suggested that when mice were vaccinated with rSPV-SA, the level of IgG against TGEV was enhanced dramatically. The cytokine assays were employed and the results indicated that both the Th1-type and Th2-type cytokine levels raised after vaccination with rSPV-SA in mice models. Results from the passive immunity protection test of new born piglets demonstrated that the recombinant live-vector vaccine, rSPV-SA, could 100% protect piglets from the SPV infection, and there was no significant clinical symptom in the rSPV-SA treatment group during this experiment. The data suggest that the novel recombinant swinepox virus is a potential vaccine against TGEV infection.