Annals of clinical and laboratory science

Target-antigen Detection and Localization of Human Amniotic-derived Cells after in Utero Transplantation in Rats.

PMID 26116590


Human amniotic-derived cells (hAMCs) have recently raised interest for their differentiation capability and immunomodulatory properties. To assess the feasibility of hAMCs therapeutic treatment during fetal development, we explored the localization of cells derived from the human amniotic membrane in rat organs after in utero transplantation. Rats were sacrificed at different time points and their organs were analyzed for the distribution of hAMCs by immunohistochemistry using an antibody against Human Cytoplasm and through detection of human DNA. Immunohistochemical and PCR analysis showed that most of the rat tissues presented human cells/DNA suggesting a widespread migration of hAMCs after transplantation. We developed an efficient target-antigen detection method based on an immunohistochemical technique that resulted to be highly specific and sensitive to identify the hAMCs into rat tissues.