Neurochemical research

Increased Expression of Mitochondrial Inner-Membrane Protein Mpv17 After Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Adult Rats.

PMID 26123482


The Mpv17 gene encodes a mitochondrial inner-membrane protein that has been implicated in several cell activities. Almost all studies have previously indicated that loss of function or gene-inactivated in Mpv17 can induce the development of disease. Here, we explored the roles of Mpv17 protein in the pathophysiology of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). An ICH rat model was established and assessed by behavioral tests. Using western blot and immunohistochemistry, significant up-regulation of Mpv17 was found in neurons in brain areas surrounding the hematoma following ICH. The increase of Mpv17 expression was found to be accompanied by the enhanced expression of p53, Bax, cytochrome c (Cyt c) and active caspase-3, and decreased expression of Bcl-2 in the pathological process of rat ICH. Furthermore, immunofluorescent staining revealed that Mpv17 co-localized with p53, Bax and active caspase-3 in neurons, suggesting its biological function in the process of neuronal apoptosis. Our in vitro study, using Mpv17 RNA interference in primary cortical neurons, indicated that Mpv17 might exert its anti-apoptotic function in neuronal apoptosis. Thus, Mpv17 may play a role in protecting the brain from secondary damage following ICH.