International journal of clinical and experimental medicine

P57 and cyclin G1 express differentially in proliferative phase endometrium and early pregnancy decidua.

PMID 26131088


To compare the expression of P57 and Cyclin G1 in proliferation endometrium and early pregnancy decidua. Human endometrial samples were acquired from normal menstrual cycle women undergoing laparoscopy or hysterectomy for fallopian tubes problems. Decidua were acquired from women in early pregnancy who underwent artificial abortion without any endometrial problems. Twelve were in proliferative phase and 13 were deciduas. P57 and Cyclin G1 mRNA and protein were measured by real-time PCR and Western blot. The expression of P57 mRNA and protein were lower in proliferation phase compared with the early pregnancy decidua. Cyclin G1 mRNA and protein expression were slightly higher in decidua than proliferation endometrium but it had no significant difference. P57 and Cyclin G1 may play an important role in the endometrial change during the embryo implantation.