Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces

Galactosylated pullulan-curcumin conjugate micelles for site specific anticancer activity to hepatocarcinoma cells.

PMID 26133239


Galactosylated pullulan-curcumin conjugate (LANH2-Pu Ald-Cur SA) is developed for target specific delivery of curcumin to hepatocarcinoma cells by five step synthetic strategy, which includes oxidation of pullulan (Pu Ald), introduction of amino group to the targeting ligand (LANH2), grafting of the LANH2 to Pu Ald, modification of curcumin (Cur SA) and conjugation of Cur SA to pullulan. Nongalactosylated pullulan-curcumin conjugate (Pu-Cur SA) is also prepared to compare the enhancement in cytotoxicity offered by the targeting group. Both LANH2-Pu Ald-Cur SA and Pu-Cur SA conjugates could self assemble to micelle in water with hydrodynamic diameters of 355±9nm and 363±10nm, respectively. Both conjugates show spherical morphology and enhance stability of curcumin in physiological pH. Compared to Pu-Cur SA, LANH2-Pu Ald-Cur SA exhibits higher toxicity and internalization towards HepG2 cells. This indicates the enhanced uptake of LANH2-Pu Ald-Cur SA conjugate via ASGPR (asialoglycoprotein receptor) mediated endocytosis into HepG2 cells.