Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

In Vitro Evaluation of Cu, Fe, and Zn Bioaccessibility in the Presence of Babassu Mesocarp.

PMID 26134249


In vitro gastrointestinal digestion of babassu mesocarp in the absence and presence of milk and lignin was performed to evaluate the bioaccessibility of Cu, Fe, and Zn. Extractions using NaOH solutions (pH 7 and 12) were carried out to evaluate the interactions of Cu(II), Fe(III), and Zn(II) with the extracted compounds and with the washed mesocarp. Studies using reference solutions showed a decrease in the free concentration of the elements in the presence of mesocarp. Phytate, a component present in the mesocarp, can be the main compound responsible for the elements' interactions with mesocarp. Lignin increases the elements' soluble fractions; however, the elements' concentrations in the dialyzed fractions, representing the bioaccessible portion, were very low. On the other hand, Cu, Fe, and Zn bioaccessibility in milk was not influenced by the mesocarp.