BMC research notes

Effects of pravastatin, phytosterols, and combination therapy on lipid profile in HIV-infected patients: an open-labelled, randomized cross-over study.

PMID 26148680


To determine the effects of 40 mg of pravastatin, 2 g of phytosterols, and combination therapy on lipid profiles and to compare the reduction of LDL cholesterol between combination therapy and monotherapy. Thirty-six HIV-infected patients treated with ARVs who had high LDL cholesterol levels but no current usage of any lipid-lowering agents were enrolled into the open-labelled, randomized, cross-over study. All patients were assigned randomly into one of four intervention groups: (1) pravastatin 40 mg cross-over to the combination of pravastatin 40 mg and phytosterols 2 g (combination group), (2) the combination group cross-over to pravastatin 40 mg, (3) phytosterols 2 g cross-over to the combination group, and (4) the combination group cross-over to phytosterols 2 g. Each active treatment lasted 4 weeks with a wash-out period of 4 weeks. The baseline mean TC, TG, HDL-c, and LDL-c levels in 36 HIV patients were 248.09 ± 34.73, 172.36 ± 125.44, 54.92 ± 16.67, and 175.13 ± 29.00 mg/dl, respectively. Pravastatin, phytosterols, and combination therapy reduced TC and LDL-c but TG and HDL-c were not significantly different from the baselines. The mean LDL-c reductions in the pravastatin, phytosterols, and the combination groups were 28.76 ± 9.32, 9.12 ± 7.84, and 27.08 ± 15.58%, respectively. The LDL-c levels in the pravastatin and combination groups were reduced more than in the phytosterols group (p < 0.01). There was no difference in the LDL-c reduction between the combination and pravastatin monotherapy groups (-25.61 ± 10.43 vs. -28.12 ± 14.07%, p = 0.555). Pravastatin had moderate potency on LDL-c lowering in HIV patients but could not bring LDL-c to goal. Adding phytosterols to pravastatin for a 4-week duration could not demonstrate any additional lipid-lowering effect Thai Clinical Trial Registry: TCTR20150126002 date: January 23, 2015.