Applied spectroscopy

Non-Complexing Anions for Quantitative Speciation Studies Using Raman Spectroscopy in Fused Silica High-Pressure Optical Cells Under Hydrothermal Conditions.

PMID 26162934


This paper reports methods for obtaining time-dependent reduced isotropic Raman spectra of aqueous species in quartz capillary high-pressure optical cells under hydrothermal conditions, as a means of determining quantitative speciation in hydrothermal fluids. The methods have been used to determine relative Raman scattering coefficients and to examine the thermal decomposition kinetics of the non-complexing anions bisulfate (HSO4(-)), perchlorate (CIO4(-)), perrhenate (ReO4(-)), and trifluoromethanesulfonate, or "triflate" (CF3SO3(-)) in acidic and neutral solutions at temperatures up to 400°C and 30 MPa. Arrhenius expressions for calculating the thermal decomposition rate constants are also reported. Thermal stabilities in the acidic solutions followed the order HSO4(-) (stable) > ReO4(-) > CIO4(-) > CF3SO3(-), with half-lives (t1/2) > 7 h at 300°C. In neutral solutions, the order was HSO4(-) (stable) > CF3SO3(-) > ReO4(-) > CIO4(-), with t1/2 > 8 h at 350°C. CF3SO3(-) was extremely stable in neutral solutions, with t1/2 > 11 h at 400°C.