Journal of applied microbiology

Strain-dependent production of selected bioactive compounds by Cyanobacteria belonging to the Arthrospira genus.

PMID 26171940


To investigate the synthesis of selected bioactive compounds in various strains belonging to the Arthrospira genus. The synthesis of vitamin C, polyphenols, vitamin B12, fatty acids and selected volatile compounds (acetone and acetaldehyde) was investigated in six strains belonging to the Arthrospira genus. Among all studies strains, Arthrospira maxima 84·79 was found to be a good producer of fatty acids, whereas strains of Arthrospira platensis demonstrated greater biomass yield and vitamins content. The synthesis of acetaldehyde and acetone may suggest that all the micro-organisms have the ability to carry out dark fermentation, with A. platensis 85·79 producing the greatest quantities of volatile compounds. In our study principal component analysis (PCA) did not indicate any strain-dependent correlations in the synthesis of fatty acids. A significant correlation between strains and synthesized bioactive compounds, except for fatty acids, was observed. There are very little data on the production of described bioactive compounds in Arthrospira genus. This study aims to fill this gap by investigating differences in the synthesis of bioactive compounds which occur in smaller quantities in Cyanobacteria biomass but are also important due to their health-promoting properties.