Journal of chromatography. A

Cholesterol-based polymeric monolithic columns for capillary liquid chromatography. Part II.

PMID 26187765


This paper presents a second part of our research devoted to cholesterol-based polymeric monolithic stationary phase. The obtained capillary columns were successfully used for separations of alkylbenzenes, steroid hormones and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during isocratic or gradient elutions. The columns showed excellent thermal stability. Increasing the temperature resulted in decrease of the retention factors and peak widths, but selectivity and efficient separations have been retained in the studied temperature range of 20 to100°C. Additionally, the van't Hoff model presented a non-linear relationship of lnk versus 1/T plots, which is likely the result of liquid crystal properties of cholesterol. The studied capillary monolithic columns showed extremely fast re-equilibration after gradient elution and found to be stable under such conditions as: fast flow rate, high acetonitrile content in the mobile phase (no swelling) and high temperature.