Lab on a chip

Smartphone dongle for simultaneous measurement of hemoglobin concentration and detection of HIV antibodies.

PMID 26190320


It is traditionally difficult to incorporate two classes of diagnostic tests into a single platform. In this work, we demonstrate a microfluidic-based smartphone dongle that simultaneously measures concentration of hemoglobin and detects HIV antibodies. Specifically, we demonstrate how a previously published immunoassay device, which measured optical density of silver precipitation on gold colloids, can be expanded to quantitatively measure hemoglobin concentration via a colorimetric assay. By lysing whole blood components with CHAPS detergent, we achieved highly reproducible measurement of hemoglobin concentration with the device. We tested this dual test on 38 patient samples from Columbia University Medical Center. Compared with the Hemocue Hb 201+ analyzer, hemoglobin concentrations from our device were accurate within 1.2 g dL(-1), while the HIV immunoassay (in the presence of CHAPS detergent) showed 95% sensitivity and 95% specificity, comparable to our previous studies. This work demonstrates the feasibility of integrating two classes of diagnostic tests (a colorimetric-based quantitative measurement and an immunoassay based on silver precipitation on gold colloids) into a low-cost, fast, and low-power dongle that works with smartphones, and creates a novel dual panel with clinical utility for antenatal-care settings.