International journal of clinical and experimental pathology

MiRNA-139 regulates oral cancer Tca8113 cells apoptosis through Akt signaling pathway.

PMID 26191149


Oral cancer threats people's life and health seriously. Traditional treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment) is lack of pertinence that affects curative effect and prognosis. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the specific targets for oral cancer treatment. MiRNA-139 was transfected into oral cancer Tca8113 cells. Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium (MTT) was applied to test cell proliferation. Flow cytometry was used to detect oral cancer Tca8113 cells apoptosis. miR-139 significantly inhibits oral cancer Tca8113 cells proliferation and induces cell apoptosis. SH-5 obviously weakened the cell apoptosis caused by miR-139. miR-139 could induce Tca8113 cell apoptosis through Akt signaling pathway. It may develop a more effective method for oral cancer treatment by this target.