British journal of cancer

Endoplasmic reticulum ribosome-binding protein 1, RRBP1, promotes progression of colorectal cancer and predicts an unfavourable prognosis.

PMID 26196185


Ribosome-binding protein 1 (RRBP1) has been implicated in the regulation of unfolded protein response, which is involved in almost every aspect of cancer development. We aimed to explore the significance of RRBP1 in the progression and prognosis of colorectal cancer (CRC). The study population consisted of 856 patients with stage I-III CRC from two hospitals. RRBP1 expression was examined by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in colorectal tissues. The correlation of RRBP1 expression and CRC occurrence was assessed in paired cancer-adjacent tissues. Factors contributing to prognosis were evaluated in a training-validation design with univariate and multivariate Cox analysis. Colorectal cancer aggressiveness caused by RRBP1 knockdown or overexpression was evaluated in CRC cells. RRBP1 was aberrantly overexpressed in CRC. Compared with low-RRBP1 patients, high-RRBP1 patients had shorter disease-specific survival in the training (hazard ratio (HR), 2.423; 95% confidence interval (CI), 1.531-3.835) and validation cohorts (HR, 3.749; 95% CI, 2.166-6.448) in multivariate Cox analysis. High-RRBP1 independently predicted a shorter disease-free survival (HR, 4.821; 95% CI, 3.220-7.218) in the validation cohort. RRBP1 knockdown reduced the aggressiveness of CRC cells in vitro and inhibited the growth of CRC xenografts in vivo. High RRBP1 expression facilitates CRC progression and predicts an unfavourable post-operative prognosis.