In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal

Isolation and purification of rabbit mesenchymal stem cells using an optimized protocol.

PMID 26202303


Mesenchymal stem cells were first isolated and grown in vitro by Friedenstein over 40xa0yr ago; however, their isolation remains challenging as they lack unique markers for identification and are present in very small quantities in mesenchymal tissues and bone marrow. Using whole marrow samples, common methods for mesenchymal stem cell isolation are the adhesion method and density gradient fractionation. The whole marrow sample adhesion method still results in the nonspecific isolation of mononuclear cells, and activation and/or potential loss of target cells. Density gradient fractionation methods are complicated, and may result in contamination with toxic substances that affect cell viability. In the present study, we developed an optimized protocol for the isolation and purification of mesenchymal stem cells based on the principles of hypotonic lysis and natural sedimentation.