Carbohydrate research

Capillary gas-chromatographic analysis of monosaccharides: improvements and comparisons using trifluoroacetylation and trimethylsilylation of sugar O-benzyl- and O-methyl-oximes.

PMID 2620295


Two new procedures for the gas-chromatographic analysis of monosaccharides are reported. One involves derivatization of the sugars by reaction with O-benzylhydroxylamine followed by trifluoroacetylation with N-methylbis(trifluoroacetamide) and chromatography on a DB-1701 capillary column. This technique probably provides the best resolution achieved to date of the C3-C6 aldoses, as well as of the corresponding alditols. Ketoses can be qualitatively analyzed by this method, but complications interfere with their quantitative analysis. The second procedure also involves initial derivatization as the O-benzyloxime, but is followed by trimethylsilylation with 1-trimethylsilylimidazole, and chromatography on a DB-17 column. This technique is particularly useful for C5 sugars, C6 ketoses, and mixtures of sugars, alditols, and/or lactones. A number of additional, critical, observations on the derivatization and capillary gas-chromatographic analysis of monosaccharides are described.