Cellular & molecular biology letters

Transcriptional profiling of bovine muscle-derived satellite cells during differentiation in vitro by high throughput RNA sequencing.

PMID 26208385


In this study, we utilized high throughput RNA sequencing to obtain a comprehensive gene expression profile of muscle-derived satellite cells (MDSCs) upon induction of differentiation. MDSCs were cultured in vitro and RNA was extracted for sequencing prior to differentiation (MDSC-P), and again during the early and late differentiation (MDSC-D1, and MDSC-D3, respectively) stages. Sequence tags were assembled and analyzed by digital gene expression profile to screen for differentially expressed genes, Gene Ontology annotation, and pathway enrichment analysis. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to confirm the results of RNA sequencing. Our results indicate that certain of genes were changed during skeletal muscle cell development, cell cycle progression, and cell metabolism during differentiation of bovine MDSCs. Furthermore, we identified certain genes that could be used as novel candidates for future research of muscle development. Additionally, the sequencing results indicated that lipid metabolism might be the predominant cellular process that occurs during MDSC differentiation.