International journal of pharmaceutics

Formulation and evaluation of cefuroxim loaded submicron particles for ophthalmic delivery.

PMID 26211903


Chitosan gelatin particles could be the ideal candidate for intraocular drug delivery due to their desirable properties. Double crosslinking in double emulsion has been used as an original and reliable method for particles preparation and their morphology has been optimized considering the main synthesis parameters such as polymers ratio, crosslinker amount, stirring speed, tensioactive amount and ionic crosslinking time, respectively. The particles have been analyzed for their physical-chemical properties (swelling degree, drug loading and release capacity, surface characteristics, etc.), the enzymatic degradation properties along with in vivo ocular investigations (ocular biodistribution, in vivo drug release). In the present study cefuroxim was used as a model drug, which is generally used in the prophylaxis of postoperative endophthalmitis following cataract surgery after intraocular administration. The present study proved that the dimensions and the physical-chemical properties of the particles can be modulated (by varying the preparation parameters) to facilitate the administration, the biodistribution and the drug release in the specific segment of the eye. This experimental study demonstrated also the ability of fluorescent nanoparticles to penetrate ocular tissues close to the administration site (intravitreal injection) and especially their tendency to migrate deep in the retina at time intervals of 72 h.

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