Microbiology and immunology

Characterization of IS26-composite transposons and multidrug resistance in conjugative plasmids from Enterobacter cloacae.

PMID 26223152


SHV-12 is the most widespread resistance determinant of Enterobacter cloacae in Taiwan; however, blaSHV-12 has rarely been mobilized. Six multidrug-resistant E. cloacae isolates were collected. After conjugal transfer, plasmid profiling and analysis of incompatibility groups was performed to characterize the genetic context of blaSHV-12 -containing fragments. The presence of mobile genetic elements was demonstrated by PCR, cloning, sequencing and bioinformatics analyses. Four different β-lactamase genes (blaTEM-1 , blaSHV-12 , blaCTX-M-3 and/or blaCTX-M-14 ) were observed in the conjugative plasmids belonging to the IncHI2 (n = 4), IncI1 or IncP incompatibility groups. The IS26-blaSHV-12 -IS26 locus was located in five different genetic environments. A novel structural organization of a class 1 integron with the aac(6')-IIc cassette truncated by IS26 was identified in one isolate. Thus, blaSHV-12 was obtained from different plasmids through IS26-mediated homologous recombination. IS26 plays a vital role in the distribution of mobile resistance elements between different plasmids found in multidrug-resistant E. cloacae isolates.