Molecular biology reports

Polymorphism of JY-1 gene is not associated with reproductive traits in goats.

PMID 26224107


Reproductive traits show either low to moderate heritability and are measured late in life. Thus molecular markers are required to improve the pace of genetic gain in these traits of economic value. Recent publications report the association of polymorphism in JY-1 gene with cattle reproductive traits. In this study, the only known single nucleotide polymorphism (C15329T) of caprine JY-1 gene was explored for its association with reproductive traits; age at first heat, age at first service and age at first kidding. Black Bengal (n = 70), a sexually precocious and prolific goat breed of India was genotyped for the SNP by designing PCR-RFLP. Effect of year of birth and genotype was found to be non-significant at 1% for all three traits. However, the effect of season of birth was highly significant (p ≤ 0.01) on age at first kidding. Polymorphism in 3'UTR of the JY-1 gene is not associated with the reproductive traits of goats. In future, studies involving large number of animals from different goat breeds as well as investigation of other regions of this gene would be exciting to perform.