Bioresource technology

Liquid hot water pretreatment of energy grasses and its influence of physico-chemical changes on enzymatic digestibility.

PMID 26233251


Pennisetum hybrid I, II and switchgrass were pretreated with liquid hot water to enhance the release of sugars. The optimum hydrolysis factor for three energy grasses was 5.98, and the total xylose yield was 88.4%, 98.1% and 83.6% for grass I, II and S. It was indicated that the ratio of syringyl and guaiacyl units of lignin played an important role on the hemicellulose hydrolysis in LHW than branch degree, but latter contributed more on the characterization of xylooligomers degree of polymerization. Moreover, the analysis of multi-scale changes of substrate suggested that cellulose crystallinity index and degree of polymerization seemed no direct relationships for increase of enzymatic digestibility. While lignin barrier was the main factor limiting efficiency of sugar release, and Pennisetum hybrid with low lignin content and high sugar recovery was proved to be a prospective plant feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production.