Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry

Optimization of permethyl ningalin B analogs as P-glycoprotein inhibitors.

PMID 26233798


In the present study, a total of 9 novel permethyl ningalin B analogs have been synthesized and evaluated for their P-gp modulating activity in a P-gp overexpressed breast cancer cell line LCC6MDR. Among these derivatives, compound 12 with dimethoxy groups at rings A and B and tri-substitution at ring C with ortho-methoxyethylmorpholine, meta-bromo and para-benzyloxy groups displays the most potent P-gp modulating activity with EC50 of 423 nM to reverse paclitaxel resistance. It is non-toxic towards L929 fibroblast with IC50 greater than 100 μM and with selective index greater than 236. Its mechanism to reverse P-gp mediated drug resistance is by virtue of inhibiting transport activity of P-gp, restoring intracellular drug accumulation and eventually chemosensitizing the cancer cells to anticancer drug again. Moreover, compound 12 showed better solubility (405 ng/mL) than hit compound 1 in phosphate buffer (pH 4.0). In summary, our study demonstrates that permethyl ningalin B derivative 12 is non-toxic and efficient P-gp inhibitor that is a potential candidate to be used clinically to reverse P-gp mediated cancer drug resistance.