Zoological science

Lectin-Based Profiling of Coelomocytes in Holothuria scabra and Expression of Superoxide Dismutase in Purified Coelomocytes.

PMID 26245221


Coelomocytes are the first line of immune defense in marine animals. Their distributions are greatly variable even in the close animal species. In this study, we used lectin staining to aid in the classification and purification of these cells for further investigation of SOD distribution among coelomocytes of H. scraba. We classified coelomocytes into four types: type 1, lymphocytes; type 2, phagocytes; type 3, spherulocytes; and type 4, giant cells. Among four lectins used, Con A appeared to give a broad reactivity against most coelomocytes, except for giant cells. In addition, phagocytes usually engaged the highest fluorescent intensity with most lectins, with the exception of PNA, for which spherulocytes possessed the highest fluorescent intensity. Using FACS for fraction collection, it was found that F1 fraction contained the purest phagocyte population (> 95%), which was highly reactive with anti- superoxide dismutase (SOD) as revealed by immunoblotting and immunofluorescence staining, although some minor staining was also detected in spherulocytes. Our results thus provide a fundamental platform for comparing alterations that may happen to the population and SOD contents of coelomocytes when the sea cucumber is subjected to environmental changes that would activate their immune responses.