Nature communications

Mitotic redistribution of the mitochondrial network by Miro and Cenp-F.

PMID 26259702


Although chromosome partitioning during mitosis is well studied, the molecular mechanisms that allow proper segregation of cytoplasmic organelles in human cells are poorly understood. Here we show that mitochondria interact with growing microtubule tips and are transported towards the daughter cell periphery at the end of mitosis. This phenomenon is promoted by the direct and cell cycle-dependent interaction of the mitochondrial protein Miro and the cytoskeletal-associated protein Cenp-F. Cenp-F is recruited to mitochondria by Miro at the time of cytokinesis and associates with microtubule growing tips. Cells devoid of Cenp-F or Miro show decreased spreading of the mitochondrial network as well as cytokinesis-specific defects in mitochondrial transport towards the cell periphery. Thus, Miro and Cenp-F promote anterograde mitochondrial movement and proper mitochondrial distribution in daughter cells.