Journal of ovarian research

Caloric restriction increases ratio of estrogen to androgen receptors expression in murine ovaries--potential therapeutic implications.

PMID 26264910


Both estrogens and androgens are involved in the development and normal functioning of the ovaries. It is also known that ovarian function is regulated by diet. The goal of this study was to estimate the expression of sex hormone receptors in ovaries of mice that were on a 9-month caloric restriction (alternate-day feeding) as compared to normal control animals fed ad libitum. We found that prolonged caloric restriction in mouse ovaries led to increased expression of estrogen receptors (ERs) but did not affect expression of the androgen receptor (AR). This increase in ER:AR ration as result of caloric restriction may lead to higher sensitivity to estrogens and upon return to normal diet may increase ovulation. Thus our observation shed more light on a role of beneficial effect of calorie restriction on female reproduction.