BMC complementary and alternative medicine

Activity of Porophyllum ruderale leaf extract and 670-nm InGaP laser during burns repair in rats.

PMID 26269145


In this study, we investigated the effects of an extract of the leaves of Porophyllum ruderale and laser irradiation on the healing of burns. Seventy-two rats were divided in four groups: untreated controls, treated with laser irradiation, treated with P. ruderale and treated with both P. ruderale and laser irradiation. Burns were produced with a metal plate on the backs of the animals. Wound samples were collected for structural and morphometric analyses and to quantify the expression of TGF-β1 and VEGF. Laser irradiation increased the number of fibroblasts, collagen fibers and newly formed vessels and decreased the number of granulocytes at the site of the wounds. Densitometric analysis revealed a significant increase in the expression of TGFβ-1 in the wounds treated with laser irradiation and with the P. ruderale extract at the beginning of the healing process and a decreased during the experimental period. The expression of VEGF was highlighted in the lesions irradiated with laser alone. Inspite of not showing a beneficial effect on the laser combination with the P. ruderale extract, when the laser was used separately, a positive effects to enhance the healing of second-degree burns was promoted. P. ruderale was effective in decreasing the granulocytes during the repair process indicating a possible anti-inflammatory action of this extract of native flora, widely used in folk medicine, but little studied experimentally.