AMB Express

A start-up of psychrophilic anaerobic sequence batch reactor digesting a 35xa0% total solids feed of dairy manure and wheat straw.

PMID 26289773


Zero liquid discharge is currently an objective in livestock manure management to minimize water pollution. This paper reports the start-up phase of a novel psychrophilic (20xa0°C) dry anaerobic digestion of dairy manure with bedding fed at 35xa0% total solids and an organic loading rate of 3.0xa0g total chemical oxygen demandxa0kg(-1) inoculumxa0day(-1) in anaerobic sequence batch reactors. The specific methane (CH4) yield ranged from 165.4xa0±xa09.8 to 213.9xa0±xa013.6 NL CH4xa0kg(-1) volatile solids (VS) with an overall average of 188xa0±xa017 NL CH4xa0kg(-1) VS during 11 successive start-up cycles (231xa0days) and a maximum CH4 production rate of 10.2xa0±xa00.6 NL CH4xa0kg(-1) VSxa0day(-1). The inoculum-to-substrate (VS-based) ratio ranged from 4.06 to 4.47. Although methanogenesis proceeded fairly well the hydrolysis seemed to be the rate limiting step. It is possible start up psychrophilic dry anaerobic digestion of cow feces and wheat straw at feed TS of 35xa0% within 7-10 successive cycles (147-210xa0days).