Cell and tissue research

Klf10 regulates odontoblast differentiation and mineralization via promoting expression of dentin matrix protein 1 and dentin sialophosphoprotein genes.

PMID 26310138


Klf10, a member of the Krüppel-like family of transcription factors, is critical for osteoblast differentiation, bone formation and mineralization. However, whether Klf10 is involved in odontoblastic differentiation and tooth development has not been determined. In this study, we investigate the expression patterns of Klf10 during murine tooth development in vivo and its role in odontoblastic differentiation in vitro. Klf10 protein was expressed in the enamel organ and the underlying mesenchyme, ameloblasts and odontoblasts at early and later stages of murine molar formation. Furthermore, the expression of Klf10, Dmp1, Dspp and Runx2 was significantly elevated during the process of mouse dental papilla mesenchymal differentiation and mineralization. The overexpression of Klf10 induced dental papilla mesenchymal cell differentiation and mineralization as detected by alkaline phosphatase staining and alizarin red S assay. Klf10 additionally up-regulated the expression of odontoblastic differentiation marker genes Dmp1, Dspp and Runx2 in mouse dental papilla mesenchymal cells. The molecular mechanism of Klf10 in controlling Dmp1 and Dspp expression is thus to activate their regulatory regions in a dosage-dependent manner. Our results suggest that Klf10 is involved in tooth development and promotes odontoblastic differentiation via the up-regulation of Dmp1 and Dspp transcription.