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Arabidopsis PLC2 is involved in auxin-modulated reproductive development.

PMID 26340337


Phospholipasexa0C (PLC) is an enzyme that plays crucial roles in various signal transduction pathways in mammalian cells. However, the role of PLC in plant development is poorly understood. Here we report involvement of PLC2 in auxin-mediated reproductive development in Arabidopsis. Disruption of PLC2 led to sterility, indicating a significant role for PLC2 in reproductive development. Development of both male and female gametophytes was severely perturbed in plc2 mutants. Moreover, elevated auxin levels were observed in plc2 floral tissues, suggesting that the infertility of plc2 plants may be associated with increased auxin concentrations in the reproductive organs. We show that expression levels of the auxin reporters DR5:GUS and DR5:GFP were elevated in plc2 anthers and ovules. In addition, we found that expression of the auxin biosynthetic YUCCA genes was increased in plc2 plants. We conclude that PLC2 is involved in auxin biosynthesis and signaling, thus modulating development of both male and female gametophytes in Arabidopsis.