Journal of translational medicine

PIWIL2 promotes progression of non-small cell lung cancer by inducing CDK2 and Cyclin A expression.

PMID 26373553


PIWI proteins have important roles in tumorigenesis due to their interaction with piRNAs. Recent studies suggest that PIWI proteins affect prognosis of various cancers. In the present study, PIWI genes expression was assayed in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). To determine the effects of PIWIL2 on NSCLC cells, overexpression and interference assays were performed using the A549 and H460 cell lines. The tumor formation model was performed to demonstrate the effects of PIWIL2 on tumor formation in vivo. PIWIL2 was increased both at the RNA and protein level in malignant cancer tissues compared with adjacent normal tissue. Moreover, increased PIWIL2 gene expression was negatively correlated with prognosis in NSCLC patients. Overexpression and interference of PIWIL2 promoted and depressed cell proliferation, respectively. Meanwhile, PIWIL2 interference arrested cells at the G2/M stage. In addition, we found that CDK2 and Cyclin A expression were correlated with PIWIL2 expression. Moreover, transfection of PIWIL2 promoted tumor growth in nude mice. Our findings shed light on the function of PIWIL2 in NSCLC and suggest potential prognostic and therapeutic value.