Pharmaceutical research

Polymeric Micelles: Recent Advancements in the Delivery of Anticancer Drugs.

PMID 26381278


Nanotechnology, in health and medicine, extensively improves the safety and efficacy of different therapeutic agents, particularly the aspects related to drug delivery and targeting. Among various nano-carriers, polymer based macromolecular approaches have resulted in improved drug delivery for the diseases like cancers, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and many more. Polymeric micelles consisting of hydrophilic exterior and hydrophobic core have established a record of anticancer drug delivery from the laboratory to commercial reality. The nanometric size, tailor made functionality, multiple choices of polymeric micelle synthesis and stability are the unique properties, which have attracted scientists and researchers around the world to work upon in this opportunistic drug carrier. The capability of polymeric micelles as nano-carriers are nowhere less significant than nanoparticles, liposomes and other nanocarriers, as per as the commercial feasibility and presence is concerned. In fact polymeric micelles are among the most extensively studied delivery platforms for the effective treatment of different cancers as well as non-cancerous disorders. The present review highlights the sequential and recent developments in the design, synthesis, characterization and evaluation of polymeric micelles to achieve the effective anticancer drug delivery. The future possibilities and clinical outcome have also been discussed, briefly.