Molecular medicine reports

Epithelial membrane protein 3 functions as an oncogene and is regulated by microRNA-765 in primary breast carcinoma.

PMID 26398721


Epithelial membrane protein 3 (EMP3) is a transmembrane signaling molecule, which is important in the regulation of apoptosis, differentiation and invasion of cancer cells. However, the specific function and regulatory mechanism of EMP3 in primary breast carcinoma remain to be elucidated. In the present study, the mRNA and protein levels of EMP3 were observed to be upregulated in primary breast carcinoma tissues, compared with normal tissues. It was hypothesized that the overexpression of EMP3 was correlated with the downregulation of microRNA‑765 (miR‑765), an underexpressed miRNA in primary breast carcinoma tissues. Functional analysis demonstrated that EMP3 was regulated by miR‑765 through binding to its 3'untranslated region. In addition, the knockdown of EMP3 and miR‑765 had similar effects on the inhibition of proliferation and invasion in SK‑BR‑3 cells. These results provided novel insight into the regulatory mechanism of EMP3 in primary breast carcinoma.